Open Burning

  • What is Open Burning?“Open burning” is the burning of unwanted materials such as paper, trees, brush, leaves, grass, and other debris where smoke and other emissions are released directly into the air. During open burning, air pollutants do not pass through a chimney or stack.Open burning pollutes the air and poses a forest fire hazard. The air pollution created by open burning can irritate eyes and lungs, obscure visibility, soil nearby surfaces, create annoying odors or pose other nuisance or health threats. If you have questions about open burning, watch the video below or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

    Take a minute and check out the DEQ webpage for more information.

  1. Tim Rumfield
    Tim Rumfield 12 months ago

    I opened the post, it says what open burning is but does not say anything about the what the regulation is

  2. Village of Sunfield
    Village of Sunfield 12 months ago

    Please read the post and refer to the link for the DEQ webpage. Thank you.

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